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From A Black Girl Literacy Campaign 

I began this endeavor because I gained an interest in the reading levels of children during the height of the pandemic and was able to quickly research how much trouble students were in. This pushed me to encourage poetry and American Sign Language with several benefits in mind. 


The Trouble 

Based on news reports of ABC News Channel 24 in Memphis Shelby County Schools, 60% of students failed the state test. Primarily 3rd graders - the target audience for this campaign! 

Introducing poetry to young children is one of the main reasons "From A Black Girl To All Black Girls Poems and Monologues Vol. 1" was published. The book includes pages for the readers to write their own poetry and poet terminology.Vol. 1 is currently in Novel Memphis and here at 

Image 6-1-23 at 6.34 PM.jpg

The Solution 

Inserting poetry and American Sign Language into all student curriculums, but primarily to k-3rd graders will increase reading levels, comprehension, and overall communication. The earlier the better! 

The goal of this campaign is to reduce the number of children that are struggling academically to 0%... not just in Memphis TN but around the globe (but I have to start somewhere). 

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