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Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

I recently finished "Mexican Gothic" by the great Silvia Moreno-Garcia. This was my first time reading anything remotely in the gothic genre. I came across this book because I read "The Beautiful Ones" by the same author a gave that book a 5/5 stars it had everything and more. I'm starting to think I need to read at least one SMG book a year!

MG is about a beautiful young girl Noemí, that is given the job of retrieving her beloved cousin Catalina from the house of her husband. Catalina hasn't been in contact much since leaving with her husband but suddenly is sending letters asking her help with an escape. Our main character goes to the rescue not ready for the circus she is to encounter! I decided to give this book a 3/5 because overall it gets the job done. Towards the very end, I had questions, and the details of the book I had been imagining one way I quickly understand after reviewing the writing a few more times.

I would recommend it if a person is into horror or supernatural/fiction. There is some mystery (which is to be expected).

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